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Hello, everybody! Welcome back to my blog!

Recently I got the chance to go to London! While I was there I saw one of my favourite bands - Twenty-one Pilots - for the second time! I was also able to watch the opening act, Bry, who is one of  my favourite singers in the whole world.
The day after the concert, my friends and I went to Covent Gardens! Although it was a very wet day and really rainy, it was still a super lovely day! We decided to go to the Skinny Dip London shop, which looked absolutely adorable, I wish I got photos of the displays to show you guys.
Unfortunately, though, I did not think about doing this post until a couple days after I got back. So there's cry face emojis going all around. This also means that they are no pretty packaging photos! But I did keep the little bag they gave me because it was just so cute.
The phone case I bought is super cute!!! It's gold, so it matches my phone. Although saying that, it does make my phone look more pink than gold.