Thursday, 6 October 2016

New Autumn/Winter Daily Makeup

at October 06, 2016
Hello everybody! Welcome back to my blog! Once again... long time no see. 

Today I am going to be sharing with you what I do for my everyday makeup during Autumn and Winter. These next few months are my absolute favourites when it comes to makeup and fashion!

It's FINALLY the time to wear vampy lipstick shades and to change my eye makeup look... because we all know that I do the same eye makeup look all the time. BUT!! I've been wanting to change it up for a while. 
Recently I've been trying brighter and bolder looks, but for every day I wanted something that was like a natural smokey eye.
I used the Maybelline The Nudes palette, which I'm beginning to have a love-hate relationship with but that's another story. I used a light shimmery shade all over the lid and then the dark grey and black shades for the outer corner and to define the crease a bit more. 

Recently for my lipstick I've been liking reds and dark purples - because that's what autumn is all about. My current favourites are Sleek's Cherry (shown in picture), Revolutions Private Members Club and Topshop's suspected.
All of these shades scream autumn to me and I am so excited to start wearing more shades like this in the next few months! 

Thank you all for reading! I really appreciate it!

All the love,
Bee x


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