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Makeup Of The Day!

Good evening my beautiful followers! How are you all? I hope you're doing well!
Remember when I said that I would write every day in July... well I didn't realise that I had two holidays, so unfortunately writing every day might have to wait for a less busy month!
Today I am sharing with you the makeup I wore today (or much rather tonight). 
As it is summer and the weather has been crazy hot, I decided to go for a BB cream instead of foundation! I used one by Rimmel London, I've only used this a few times so I'm still not totally sure on my opinion of it just yet but I will be doing a review once I have my thoughts gathered. As usual, I used the Lasting Perfection concealer by Collection under my eyes and on any blemishes!
Moving onto eyes! I decided to try and something different today! I used the Maybelline New York colour tattoo cream eyeshadow in the shade pink-gold; this colour is so lovely! It's incredibly pigmented and blends beautifully! In the crease and …