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Fashion Wishlist - January 2016

This month I have been a doing a lot browsing around clothing sites and longing for my bank account to actually have the funds to pay for it all. So I did what I do best and I made a list of all my favourite items.
First on the list is this really cute dress from New Look. Recently the only thing that I want to wear is dresses and I only have two that I like to wear on a day-to-day basis, which has left me into looking high and low for cute dresses that I will be able to wear anywhere and everywhere. 
While looking around on the New Look website, I also found this awfully cute dress! These sleeveless swing dresses are my favourite. I also really love the colour. I feel like the colour yellow is going to make many appearences in a lot more clothing stores this year. The last thing I found on New Look is this adorable skater dress. Much like swing dresses, skater dresses are another one of my favourites! 
Okay brace yourself for this next one... I found a skirt with pockets. You heard …

December Favourites 2015

Unfortunately December was quite a slow month in terms of favourites. Due to college and reading everyone's blogmas posts - as well as try and get some in there myself -  I struggled to stop and figure out what I was enjoying during the month of Decemeber. Basically, December is just a blur and I haven't got much to offer today.

First on my list is a book! Reading for me is very soothing and makes me calm down from panic attacks because it forces me to focus. My favourite author is Edgar Allan Poe and this month I have read a lot of his work in The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Writings published by Pengiun Classics. My most favourite so far has been The Black Cat.

A few months ago I bought a coat from Amazon just to use for college that could fit in my bag (turns out it doesn't, my bag is smaller than I though). Although, I still love it and this month, here in England I've been able to get away with wearing this coat with just a jumper underneath as it hasn&#…