Saturday, 21 November 2015

Fashion of the week

at November 21, 2015
This week I've noticed a lot of great fashion! From the red carpet to just celebs just going about their daily lives... Near enough everyone looked amazing this week!

I going to start it off with Halsey at MOMA! This week Halsey attended their 8th annual benefit and looked absolutely beautiful while doing so. 

She wore this dress-jacket by Chanel and paired it with a statement necklace and clutch. The thing I love about this outfit is the accessories and the details of the dress! I think Halsey - or her stylist? - is very good at picking the right jewelry for certain looks.  

She holds herself incredibly well in this outfit that it almost looks effortless. The outfit as a whole looks classy and I think she did well!

Next is Keke Palmer! She was performing at the Primark store opening in Philadelphia. This style of dress is my all time favourite! Although it doesn't look so good on me, I think it look amazing on other people.

Much like Halsey's outfit I really like the details that make this outfit. I love that her necklace is statement yet is in the style of a choker. 

Overall this outfit is definitely a favourite! I think it's gorgeous.

And finally Jennifer Lawrence at the Mocking Jay Part 2 premiere in New York City! 
I don't think it's unknown that Jennifer Lawrence is 100% beautiful and this dress compliments her so well in my opinion. 
I especially love the lace bralette underneath. I think it gives the outfit more of a classy/chic feel compared to a plain one, which may have made it quite boring and not right for the red carpet.
This outfit is so red carpet ready that it didn't need a lot of details and accessories. Her ring and necklace were enough to enhance the outfit but any more - or even a clutch - would have overpowered it.

That's all for today, I feel like I'm writing so much more than what I used to! I am definitely over trying to write everyday, it honestly exhausts me! 

Thank you all for reading! I really appreciate it,
Bee xox 


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