My Creative Process [Blogtober day 3]

Unless I'm completing a 'write everyday' challenge, my creative process happens over three days usually. It's taken me a while to get into a good routine of writing and publishing posts without getting overwhelmed and maybe this will help some of you!

Day One

The first day is dedicated to spending time on certain ideas and gathering my thoughts into what I want to write about next. After this is done, I shall write a first draft and make sure that the idea is plausible. 

Day Two

The second day I shall take and edit photos that are relevant to the post. This could either be finding them online for an outfit review at award shows or photographing them myself for a product review. Although I don't feature photos in all of my posts, I think they are an important part of a blog. 

Day Three

Day three is dedicated to getting the post published and shared on social media! Before I click 'publish' I read through the text and check there's no mistakes (something I'm not very good at doing but I'm sure I'll improve). I also make sure the photos are in the correct places. 

Thank you all for reading, really appreciate it,
Bee xox

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