Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Summer Outfits! Day 6 #30daywriter

at July 07, 2015
Yesterday I wasn't able to post because I wasn't feeling very well but today I feel a little better so I'm going to be posting twice to make up for not posting yesterday!

Today I am sharing with you my go-to summer outfits!

First on the list is a dress from Mary and Milly's

I love this dress because it's so loose fitting, although you can make it more fitting as there'a  a tie at the back but I prefer it like this. 

The next is a dress from We Are Cow in Topshop.

I like this dress for the same reason that I like the first one; because it's so loose fitting! This one is a little shorter though, so I'd probably always wear tights with this one. The material is so soft and feels lovely when I'm wearing it. 

The last outfit includes these jeans! They are hand-me-downs from my sister because she never wears them but I'm kinda liking the patterned pants this year. I have no idea wear these are from because the label gives no indication.

I really like to wear these with my white lace crop top and sandals. I think it's just a really cute summer outfit that you can wear anywhere you like.

Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it! 

Bee xox

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