Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June Favourites! Day 1 (#30daywriter)

at July 01, 2015
If you follow me on twitter, you may be aware that I have taken on the challenge of writing everyday during July! I've tried writing everyday before, however, after a week I'd most likely give up. But I promise that this month I will complete the challenge! 

As it's the first day of the month, I have decided to show you all my favourite beauty products of June!

First on the list is an old favourite! It's the Bourjois, Rouge Edition Velvet in the shade 'Peach Club'. I got this for Christmas and from the get-go I was in love! I wore this on Christmas day and ate a whole Christmas dinner and it was still there! The durability is amazing, I don't think I ever re-apply it throughout the days that I wear it. As much as I love this product, it does dry out your lips so I would recommend moisturising first! I also wore this for my everyday Spring make-up look!

Another thing that I have been enjoying throughout June is the Real Techniques 'multi task brush' to help blend my concealer under my eyes. When I first bought this, I used it for finishing powder and it works great for that too. I think using it for concealer under the eyes gives it a nicer finish rather than just using my fingers or a foundation brush to blend. It's also incredibly soft to touch and very gentle for under my eyes, which is something my foundation brush lacked. 

That's it for today!

I'm sorry there wasn't more to this post, it's been a slow month for beauty, for me, unfortunately.

Thank you all for reading, I appreciate it so much and I'll see you tomorrow!

Bee xox

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