Saturday, 4 July 2015

Almost empties! Day 4 #30daywriter

at July 04, 2015
I have made it to day 4! And to be perfectly honest with you, I think I'm doing okay. 

Today I am sharing with you my almost empty products! This post will probably seem like a 'Collection' advert but I promise it isn't... I just really like their products. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (1, fair)
I'm almost certain that this shade is the lightest concealer that Collection have. I really like the consistency of this product; it's quite creamy and goes on really easily. It does say that it lasts up to 16 hours, I think this only applies with the Collection Lasting Perfection powder. In my experience, it doesn't last too long without the powder (which is understandable). I'll definitely be buying this product again, in my opinion, this product is petty good all round. 

Collection Little Mix mascara
This is my favourite mascara that is in my make-up bag! I honestly never leave the house without it on. I think, for the price, it's amazing! It isn't gloopy and it dries quite quickly so marks around the eyes are kept to a minimum. Obviously there are better mascaras out there but I'm going to keep using this one.

Collection Extreme 24-hour eyeliner tip.
Although I probably won't buy this one again, or at least in the near future because I want to try gel liner as a lot of people are saying that they find it easier and more tolerable, I still think that this a good product all round. This eyeliner is very cheap and for the quality of the product, the price is amazing! It has lasted SO long and I'm really quite impressed with that, other felt tip liners that I have used usually run out within a couple of weeks. I think it's really good for beginners because you can't really go wrong with it. It's very easy to apply and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to try felt tip liners! 

Thank you all for reading, I really appreciate it! 
Bee xox

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