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L'Oreal Paris True Match foundation review

For about a year now I have been trying to find a good foundation that is suitable for me and after A WHOLE YEAR I think I may have found the right one. 

Recently I bought the L'Oreal Paris True Match foundation in the shade Ivory (N1). I'm pretty sure that this was their very lightest shade. Unfortunately I haven't done very well with foundations, every foundation that I try always have a bit of an orange undertone and they just don't look very nice on me. 
However, from the moment I started using this one, I was really impressed! It's very blend-able, which made me super happy because it doesn't turn out streaky! 
Usually I don't wear foundation at college because of the rush in a morning but because this foundation is fairly easy to blend and is easy to put on, I've started to wear it at college. Make-up makes me feel happy and when I wear it to college, I just feel a little bit better.
Overall, I think this foundation is very good and so far I don'…

Cannes Film Festival fashion faves

The annual Cannes Film Festival has been happening and on the red carpet there have been a lot of well-dressed people but these were definitely my favourites! If you're not quite sure what the festival is about it's just a film festival that shows previews of different genres of films from all around the world.

Lupita Nyong'o
Ok, so, it's been made apparent that no matter what Lupita is wearing on the red carpet, she's going to look amazing! Well, at the Cannes Film Festival she wore a gorgeous green dress that made her look like she was flying. Her hair also looked fabulous! It was in a beautiful bun that people are referring to as a 'fronut' (Afro donut). Everything about her outfit was just perfect and simply stunning!

Charlize Theron Usually I don't like yellow dresses, I don't know why, I just don't I guess. However, Charlize dress made me eat my words completely. She looks gorgeous and I don't think I'll ever say that I dislike yell…

April Favourites 2015

Fashion Topshop clear coat  I haven't actually bought this but whenever I see this item in the shop, I get really excited. There was a time when I was in Manchester that I even called it the best fashion idea since skorts. I still stand by that and I shall tell you why... If you are wearing a really cute outfit and you want to show it off but it's a little cold outside then this clear coat with a bit of shimmer is perfect! Literally perfect! Everyone can see your mega cute outfit and you won't feel the breeze. 
Music The Good Kids These guys are pretty awesome! They make YouTube videos displaying their band but they also do a lot of live performances. Unfortunately, they are situated in America so I've never had the opportunity to see them. I shall link their band twitter below. Currently they are working on some new things and, personally, I am very excited to be able to hear it.
Fall Out Boys new album  This album is literally my go-to. I've been a fan for a long tim…

Alexa Chung - IT (book review)

I've never wrote a book review but this book is too good to miss. This was going to go in my April favourites but I think I may have a little bit too much. So why not just write a whole review about it!
In case you're unaware, Alexa Chung is known for her fashion and her work with Vogue magazine. Many people - including myself - see her as a fashion icon and aspire to be able to piece together an outfit that looks effortless. 

IT is about her life and her fashion icons. Reading this book a great way to find out who Alexa is. The whole book contains witty anecdotes of what she likes. My most favourite is around a quarter way in and is about eyeliner. 
If you're not all into reading but Alexa Chung is someone you idolise then this book will be just fine for you. There isn't many words and most pages have pictures on them anyway. The pictures are some of my favourite photos ever. I would honestly use them as posters.
The best thing about this book is the layout. It is in…