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COLAB Dry Shampoo Review (#superdrugexclusives)

Disclaimer: Although all opinions are my own, this post was written for the Superdrug Exclusives competition.

Late last year, Ruth Crilly - aka 'A Model Recommends' - released her very own line of dry shampoos.

In case you're not already aware, dry shampoo is defined as a miracle from God. If you're anything like me and have to rush around in a morning before college, dry shampoo will be your best friend! It adds volume and helps you sort your hair out for the day.

Before the release of COLAB, I never really used dry shampoo all too much. Maybe once or twice I would 'borrow' my sisters Batiste can before she woke up but the thought of getting my own never really crossed my mind.

My sister actually bought me this can for Christmas - she possibly knew about me using all of her product - in the fragrance, Rio. Each fragrance is named after a different city; London, Paris, Rio, Tokyo and New York. When I smelt them all in Superdrug, I thought the London fragrance s…