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Everyday Spring make-up look!

I'm pretty sure this is my first make-up post so please... bare with me!
As you will see in a moment, I'm not very good at the whole make-up thing. I basically do what I want in the hopes that I like it. Don't get me wrong... I love make-up! I'm just not very good at it, that's all. 

OK so, as you can see, it's pretty basic. This spring I am going to attempt to wear more natural colours for eye shadow and neutral shade lipsticks.  I didn't put any bronzer on because, like I said, I'm not very good at the make-up thing and I also like my face when it doesn't have bronzer on.
The products I used were: Topshop lipstick in the shade 'Secretary'Love Me Makeover essentials eye shadow basics pallet Collection lasting perfection, ultimate wear concealer in the shade 'fair' (number 1)Collection lasting perfection, ultimate wear powder in the shade 'fair' (number 1)Body Shop smokey black eye definer Little Mix by Collection full on mas…

March Favourites and a few updates!

The third month of 2015 is quickly coming to an end and I'm wondering where the time is going. I used to try and blog at least once a week and now it's barely once a month. I don't know why but with college and everything else going on, I simply cannot find the time! Although I will try and change that starting TODAY! 
OK! So! First of all, college has been super busy. I don't think I've ever spoke about this but, last year I started my AS Levels (first year of college) and HATED it so this I decided to do a BTEC in Creative Media for film and TV. I love it so much more and I'm really happy I made this decision. 
However, this year involves a lot of extra work to better myself in learning about the industry. Right now I'm doing advertising and let me tell you... analysing adverts effectively is a lot harder than it may seem.
Besides college, I have also been trying to see my friends from high school a lot more. So the time spent when I'm usually writin…

Spring Wish List! (Beauty and fashion)

Black Open Shoulder Swing Dress
the dress This dress is from New Look. It is so simple yet elegant! You could wear this dress literally anywhere. My favourite part of it is definitely the shoulder, it looks so pretty and I think (and hope) that it would look quite pretty on me. Spring and summer is the only times of year that I shall even dare to wear dresses because the weather tends to stay above 10 degrees Celsius after March.  
Lips in Secretary £8.00 the lipstick All the lipsticks that I own are relatively dark and quite autumn-y so I felt like I needed to get a more neutral colour to match the Spring theme. I never usually wear pinks/natural shades but when I saw this shade I was instantly hooked! I love it so much and cannot wait to try it out. 
Lips in Saint  £8.00 the lipstick This lipstick is quite similar to the one above but this seems to have more pink in it. I chose this lipstick for the same reasons as to why I chose 'Secretary', it definitely matches the S…