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Grammy Fashion Faves!!

This weekend the Grammy's happened again! This year the event was filled with cat eyeliner, Kanye West sharing his opinions and well dressed people on the red carpet. Today I shall be sharing with you, who I think were the best dressed at the 57th Annual Grammy's.

Sia and Maddie Ziegler 
I fangirled so hard when I saw these two together once again. And in matching outfits too! As usual, Sia isn't showing her face and decided, this time on a wig with a lot more volume. The blazer style that they are wearing looks amazing on them. I love the fact that Maddie has the drawing on her hands like she does in the music videos. One thing that drew me to choosing the pair for my top three was actually Maddie's make-up! I'm so used to seeing her in competition make-up that I felt this look was a nice change for her and she also looked beautiful.

So this has been seen in a lot of 'worst dressed' but I personally think Rihanna has slayed everyone's existence…

Emma Anya's YouTube

So this was supposed to be put into my 'February Favourites' however I think she deserves her own special blog post because she's so special. Now, I admit I am a little biased considering I know her pretty well but I assure you that you'll agree with me!

Emma enjoys to sing and if you're asking me (and anyone else) then I would say she pretty darn good! You can listen to her sing here.

Emma is also really funny as displayed by her twitter.

The whole point to this blog post was to show my lovely readers a new YouTube channel which Emma has. This year she has promised me that she will post more videos for her lovely viewers.

I guarantee you will love her videos so please take just a short time out of your day to subscribe to her.

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I love you all,

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January Favourites!

January seems to have been and gone in a matter of seconds! Many people see January as a new start. Personally, I see January in the form of birthday cake! This month I celebrated my 18th birthday. my family, a few close friends and I all went to Nandos and it was AMAZING!!!

Anywayyy... this month has been filled with so many good things that it has taken me some time to decide what to include in today's post.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in the colour Peach Club I put this in my What I got for Christmas post which you can find here. I adore this colour and is actually one of my favourite lipstick colours that I own. Although it is out of comfort zone as I don't usually go for pinks or colours with orange undertones, I'm so happy that I have because I can now be more daring with the colours I wear instead of just purples and reds. 
Grace's Guide and meeting Grace Helbig This is definitely the number one event to have happened in my lifetime. I remember being 13-years-ol…