happy birthday Anna! outfit inspired by...

happy birthday Anna! outfit inspired by...

Edith A Miller white shirt

White blouse

Dr. Denim black jeans
$36 - johnlewis.com

Oasis leather boots
$110 - oasis-stores.com

Handmade jewelry

Pink lipstick
$6.37 - newlook.com

It's been SO LONG since I've done an 

outfit inspired by! I decided that in honour 

of Anna Saccone Joly's birthday, I would

do an outfit inspired by Anna!

Anna has been such an inspiration to me 

for many years. She is part of the reason 

as to why I kept blogging and why I keep


She is such a beautiful lady who is exceptionally

good at writing and blogging. Fashion seems

to come to her naturally. 

Many would just call her style as 'mummy-like' 

but in my opinion, she rocks it and looks 

absolutely fabulous.

So happy birthday Anna, I hope it has been a good 

one! If you're reading this (I don't think she is), you're 

very beautiful and I hope you keep doing what you're 

doing regardless of what people say.

I love you all lots and lots,

Bee xoxox 

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