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A/W Wishlist! 2014

Hello Everybody! I'm pretty sure the last time I uploaded something was around three weeks ago and, of course, I apologise for that. Over here in England, it's getting cold. Really cold. And although none of us really wanted to believe it but, winter is coming and it's time to put the extra layers on so that we don't all freeze to death. What better way, though,  to get in the mood for the upcoming frosty morning that creating autumn/winter wishlists! *Three cheers for woolly jumpers*

The likelihood of me buying this is next to nothing. Although it looks absolutely gorgeous, I already have and already wear too much dark grey and black. It's probably best that if I want to get of that habit, then I really shouldn't purchase this and go for something with a bit more colour. However, as I'm typing this, I can already see the different outfits I can wear this with while sighing dreamily.

This jumper is so simple and cute! I love jumpers like this because they …

September Favourites

We've reached October! Now the leaves will start to change colour and soon everyone will be on the hunt for a new winter coat. However, for now, I would like to share what I enjoyed throughout September.

Favourite YouTubers!

The first YouTuber on my list is Zoe Sugg. Throughout September she had been daily vlogging and showing her everyday life on camera. You can find the channel here (it shall open into a new window). I have been watching Zoe's videos for quite some time now but through September she seemed so happy and it was just so uplifting to see.

The second YouTuber who I'm enjoying to watch at the moment is Olivia Jade. She's new to You Tube and enjoys to post beauty and fashion videos. You can find her channel here. Go subscribe to her and send her some love!

Favourite Book? During September I had started to read Demi Lovato's 'staying strong 365 days a year'. I think this book is so important. It's a very uplifting and beautiful thing to read a …