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Think Positive!

Since September has come about and everyone's gone back to school or college, the negativity surrounding social media has become endless. Here's a few tips on how you can stay positive even when you feel like you can't go on.
Tip #1  Stop saying "I can't," and start saying "I can." When you put your mind into doing something, such as your science homework or maybe that media essay, tell yourself that you can do it! Many studies have shown that thinking positively about hard tasks and homework is far more likely to get you better results than thinking negatively about something. 
Tip #2  Start surrounding yourself with positive minded people. Whether this be a few blogs on tumblr that post inspiring and uplifting posts or making a few new friends, it's important for your mental health to be surrounded by people who are able to motivate and inspire you in improving you school life. 
Tip #3 Setting realistic goals is key! Staying positive during stressfu…

Full House Part 4

Full House Part 4 by bee133 featuring a matte eye shadow MANGO chunky knit sweater
$57 -

Black velvet top
$37 -

Wet Seal pull on skirt

Floral pants

Vans canvas flat sneaker

Faith silver metallic shoes
$24 -

Wrap jewelry
$24 -

Urban Decay matte eye shadow

Clinique sheer makeup
$28 -

Styleicona app review!!!

If you are looking for a hot new app which offers fashion inspiration from other fashionistas then  look no further because Styleicona is here! Whether it be advice on what shoes to wear or fashion inspiration, the Styleicona app can help you.
Recently a great new app called 'Styleicona' has been launched and everyone is jumping on board to see what all the hype is all about. This new app allows you to post photos to your very own 'style book' and people shall discover and vote whether they love it or not. You get to share your profile with family and friends and generally have a good time!
My experience using the app! The Styleicona app is usually the kind of app that I avoid and after seeing the voting on peoples photos aspect, I wasn't feeling too optimistic about the whole thing. However after looking on twitter and reading such positive comments about the app, I decided to give it a try. Downloading the all has been one of the best things I've ever decided to do…

Outfit Review!! 5sos at the VMA's

After watching the VMA's, there were many people that caught my eye with their dazzling outfits and amazing hair! However just four boys were able to make me stare that little bit longer with the attire that they chose to wear. They go by name of 5 seconds of summer (or 5sos for short) and they are absolutely dashing! 
DISCLAIMER: None of the photos show in this post are mine. I found them all on tumblr and belong to their rightful owners. 

I think we'll start with this photo. As a whole it is pretty clear that they all belong with one another. If one wasn't their, it would feel rather awkward. I personally love that! 

Let's start with this cutie! His name is Calum Hood and as you can tell from the photo... He is fiiiiiiine! The most loveable thing about what he's wearing is that without the jacket it could be seen as a very casual and laid back outfit. Something you'd wear to go shopping. However, on e the jacket is on, it looks like a red carpet outfit! I've…

Full House Series part three: Danny Tanner

Full House Series part three: Danny Tanner by bee133 featuring satchel handbags H M sleeveless shirt
$33 -

Black jeans
$22 -

Nine West flat shoes

Satchel handbag
$36 -

Express leaves ring

Charlotte Russe flower crown headband

Urban Decay matte eyeshadow
$61 -

I will fully admit that I definitely got carried away while doing this outfit. In all honesty... It doesn't seem very 'Danny' at all. 
Throughout the seasons of full house his style didn't change very much. His clothing seemed quite sophisticated and to be frank, rather boring (unlike this outfit).
However, with that being said, there was an episode when Danny felt old (after accepting a date with a girl possibly half his age) and wanted to go back to his youth which left him drastically changing his dress code. 
Anyway... I hope you like this outfit regardless of whether or not it reflects Danny. 
I love you all,Bee Xox