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Perrie Edwards Inspired By

Perrie Edwards Inspired By by bee133 featuring a black lace shirt Club L black lace shirt
$25 -

Boohoo short skirt

Jessica Simpson platform sandals

Armani Jeans beige tote
$255 -

I don't think it's a secret that Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, a British girl group, is totally hot! And everything she wears is oh so sexy! This outfit is a personal favourite of mine. I find the colours and style simply devine!It's elegant yet you'd feel good walking around! 
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Flower crowns

Flower crowns ? by bee133 featuring a head wrap headband Charlotte Russe rose headband

2b head wrap headband

Head wrap headband
$6.63 -

In my last post I talked about adding accessories to make outfits look complete. Well spring is nearly here and one of my favourite things about spring is the over use of flower crowns ;)You may also say that they are overused and too 'maintream' but i say, who cares? Flower crowns are great at completing that summer or spring outfit. 
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Lori Loughlin inspired by

Red Crepe Blazer- new look £24.99 Cream Crochet Back Dip Hem Vest- new look £14.99 Double Buckel Satchel- topshop £28.00 Espadrilles By Unique- topshop £65.00 Vintage Renewal Levi's 550 Jeans- urban outfitters £45.00

Inspired by the amazing, beautiful and very talented Lori Loughlin :)  I took a different approach to this by, instead of using the app, polyvore to create an outfit, o thought it would a great idea to take popular websites and see what they're selling at this moment so if you are looking to buy any of the items it shall be a lot easier for you.  This took longer than using the app but it's much more fun!  All you need to do to complete this look is add accessories! I'm such a big accessoriser, I wouldn't ever think about leaving the house without something to pull an outfit together.  However! That's the next topic! ;) 
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Time Travel

As you can tell, I'm still stuck in the past but searching up 1950s outfits and dresses is my favourite! 
I was currently on polyvore and while on there I decided to search for four of my favourite 1959s style dresses.
These were my personal favourites although it was so hard to choose from all the different styles and choices! 
However I was able to narrow it down to these four which I cannot afford :( however I can still admire at their beauty :) 
In my next post I shall be making an outfit inspired by Lori Loughlin again so watch out for that :) 
Bee xx
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1950s by bee133 featuring a swing dress Swing dress
$50 -

Beige pumps

Lanvin real leather handbag

Decades of Fashion

Recently, I went to my college library merely to study and finish homework when I stumbled upon this book called 'decades of fashion'.  It talks about the fashion highlights from 1900-2000! My personal favourite time period of within this era is  'New World-New Look' which look at the years between 1947 and 1956.  It was a time of elegant dresses and wide skirts! What more could you want?  Blue jeans, baseball jackets and slip on shoes. Times were changing in the world of fashion and people across the globe were accepting this as becoming the norm. 
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Brain Tumour Awareness Month

Brain Tumour Awareness Month by bee133 featuring shirts & blouses Shirts blouse

Burberry skinny jeans

River Island white shoes
$33 -

1st March marks the first day of Brain Tumour Awareness month. In honour of this, I shall create outfits based around this particular theme as well as celebrity inspired by outfits. 
The awareness colour of brain tumours in grey, therefore in this first outfit I have tried to stick around this colour. 
Brain tumour awareness is very important to me as one of first friends had died from a brain tumour tie years ago after a three month battle. 
Since then we've discovered that brain tumours are the most common form of cancer within children and adults under the age of 40. 
Brain tumours are also very very poorly funded in terms of research for a cure and treatment. Therefore, resulting in me, and many others, raising money for paediatric brain tumours.