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A walk in the park

A walk in the park by bee133 featuring a platform bootie ASOS crewneck sweater

Boohoo circle skirt

Yeswalker platform bootie

Tanya Burr Lipgloss Afternoon Tea
$12 -

This was just a small outfit I pieced together inspired by the crewneck sweater. I was actually shopping for a crewneck sweater and this was one of my favourites from what I found on polyvore.  I also chose a lipgloss by Tanya Burr called 'afternoon tea'. I bought this a couple weeks ago and I love it! I would fully reccomend it. I am quite pale skinned and the great thing about this lipgloss is that it doesn't 'wash me out' in the sense that if I don't feel in the mood to putting on make up then the lipgloss shall come through however doesn't make me look washed out. 

Miley Cyrus Inspired by

Miley Cyrus Inspired by by bee133 featured in miley cyrus looks Topshop top

Boohoo striped legging

Pull&Bear ankle boots
$100 -

You may or may not pinpoint Miley to be the perfect role model but you must admit that when she's out and about, she sure does dress well. 
Here we have the typical plain t-shirt and trousers look which everyone reading this can admit that at least once, they've felt just sticking to. However in this particular outfit, Miley uses accessories to her advantage, making the outfit look complete. All you need is a couple a bracelets and maybe a necklace to finish this look off.

Lori Loughlin inspired by

Lori Loughlin inspired by by bee133 featuring a polyurethane jacket Boohoo embellished dress

Polyurethane jacket

Miss Selfridge peeptoe shoes

Hippie hat
$36 -

You may not pinpoint Lori Loughlin as to be a 'fashion icon' however I feel this to be somewhat unfair in the fact that majority of the clothes and accessories she wears are simple yet yet very stylish, in my own opinion. 
The outfit displayed in the photo is based on a 90210 photo shoot. Maybe in the future I'll do some more Lori Loughlin inspired by outfits. 

Hair Bows

Hair Bows by bee133 featuring pink jewelry Maurizio Pecoraro pink jewelry

Boohoo bow hair clip

Bow hair clip

White hair accessory

Full Tilt hair accessory

Forever 21 bow hair clip

Forever 21 bow hair clip

Forever 21 hair accessory

I think I can safely say that most girls love bows. I for one, am one of those girls! The great thing about bows is that they are ALWAYS in style. Here are just a small collection of hair bows which I found on polyvore. Some are more affordable than others but another amazing thing about bows is, you can get them almost anywhere and it doesn't have to be some fancy shop that everyone else goes to. You can easily go to the local supermarket and find cheap and affordable, yet stylish and cute, hair bows.


Untitled #22 by bee133 showing how to wear satchel handbags Club L white dress
$25 -

Mango leather shoes
$58 -

Dorothy Perkins satchel handbag

Gold bracelet
$8.34 -

So I'm definitely early on the spring/summer style but there's no harm in planning for the future, right? 
This style was inspired and designed around the bag as I was trying to find an affordable yet stylish one for college. 
I tried to look for subtle pastel colours to compliment the bag as well as the spring theme.

Jesy Nelson inspired by

Jesy Nelson inspired by by bee133 showing how to wear leather shorts Mink Pink shirt sweater
$72 -

2b textured tight

Current/Elliott leather shorts
$310 -

River Island belt
$30 -

Jesy Nelson is a singer and is currently in the band, Little Mix.  Jesy usually describes her style as rocky and this is definitely the look she went for here.  I tried to choose affordable items however the shorts are expensive. Although, this is just an inspired by look therefore you could easily switch it up with a skater skirt or skinny jeans. 
Thank you, bee 
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