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What I got for Christmas!

Hello everyone!

You are probably aware that Christmas has been and gone by now and therefore that may explain all the new videos and blog posts explaining to their audiences what they got for Christmas. It also probably doesn't come to a surprise to you all that I shall be doing the same. I would just like to may a disclaimer to say that I am not bragging in any way, shape or form! I am very grateful for everything I have gotten for Christmas, I just thought that it might be nice to share it with you.

'Fashion that changed the World' by Jennifer Croll This is a book that I have been wanting to get my hands on for some time now and I am so so so happy that I can finally read it without a shop assistant yelling at me to inform me that their shop isn't a library.  The book covers so many different categories of fashion that have happened over hundreds of years which includes, royal fashion, fashion photography and the one I am most excited to read about, feminism and fashi…

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone! How are you all?  I haven't made a post in a while (even though I was supposed to be doing blogmas) so I thought it would be nice to write you all a little Christmas message.

I hope you are all having a lovely day today and spending it with the people you love and care about. I'm spending my Christmas at my Grandma and Granddad's house along with my mum, dad and little sisters.

Fortunately, Santa Clause came to my house last night and so I have been blessed with presents which I may show you some in a future post. I'm so thankful for everything that I got today and if Santa went to your house then I hope you are also thankful.

I will probably post again very soon, I just wanted to give a quick little message to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Also, I apologise for not participating in blogmas! I haven't been very organised in the recent weeks but hopefully next year shall be better.

Thank you for reading!

I love you all,
Bee xoxo

Instagram: beelouis…

Blogmas Day 11: my winter playlist!

I've been gone a little while therefore I've missed several days of blogmas but it's all okay now because I'm back and ready to get straight back into things!
Today I'm going to share with you all my winter playlist. Now, I'm not the one for the traditional Christmas songs; in fact, I'm not into any holiday music of the sort so there will be no Mariah Carey 'All I want for Christmas is you' and there will be no Bublé. BUT there will plenty of other music that you can chill out to. So here the top ten in my winter playlist.
1. Fireproof - One Direction
2. Head in the Clouds (acoustic) - Union J
3. Photograph - Ed Sheeran
4. Just a Little Bit of Your Heart - Ariana Grande 
5. Still Into You - Paramore
6. I Miss You - Blink 182
7. Adam's Song - Blink 182
8. Girls and Boys - Good Charlotte
9. Come as you are - Nirvana
10. Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy
There we have it! The top ten songs in my winter playlist! Do you like any of the songs? Or how about any o…

Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Dress Collection

Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Dress Collection by bee133 featuring a liquid eyeliner Dabuwawa black dress

White dress

A line dress

Blue dress

Bamboo combat boots
$31 -

Vans shoes
$74 -

Vans shoes

Platform pumps

Lips makeup
$36 -

Eye makeup
$97 -

Liquid eyeliner

Mac cosmetics lipstick

Revlon lip makeup

Eye makeup

Blogmas Day 4: Gift ideas for everyone!

These are the type of gift ideas that literally anybody could have. Whether it's new music or a really great new book, almost anyone would be excited to see these underneath the tree on Christmas morning.

A New CD or Record? I've always been under the impression my whole life that pretty much everyone enjoys some form of music. I have never encountered someone that doesn't like music in some way, shape or form. Therefore, I highly doubt that this could go wrong. So much new music has been released this year, like Ed Sheeran, One Direction, 5SOS and even Taylor Swift. However, I don't recommend buying a devout heavy metal fan a Sam Bailey CD or vice versa.

Chocolates! Now I do know for a fact that not everyone can eat chocolate so I do recommend finding out if chocolate is something of their liking, if not then there's other tasty sweets and treats such as fudges or caramels. Anyway, if your friend DOES like chocolate then they are going to love you this Christmas, …

Blogmas Day 5: Winterlicous Tag!

I saw this tag A LOT last year so I thought that this year because I am doing Blogmas that I would also partake. If you would also like to do this tag then please feel free to do so.

1) Favourite winter nail polish? This will be something new for you all to hear but I am allergic to the smell of nail polish (as well as the smell of other things too such as yankee candles). Which is really sad because I love nail art and it would be something really fun to learn. :(
 2) Favourite winter lip product? I am in love with Collection's Little Mix range of lipsticks but my favourite is Perrie's colour. It is gorgeous purple colour that it just perfect for these autumn and winter months.
 3) Most worn winter clothing piece? My winter coat! I love feeling warm and cosy so I don't think I have left the house this winter without my big fluffy coat.
 4) Most worn winter accessory? I've never been an accessory type of person but I do love wearing band/artist merch so it's very rare th…

Blogmas Day 3: A different type of Christmas

Many people see Christmas as happy time and a special day to spend with family, friends and those who mean the most to us. It's a time to spread joy and to smile and laugh until it hurts. Some people don't have a Christmas like this though.
While you're relishing in new gifts and lovely cooked food, please remember those who are not as fortunate as us.
To all of those spending your Christmas in a place not called home, I'm sorry and I hope that you are at least spending your time with those who care about and those whom you love.
To all the doctors and nurses who work on Christmas, I thank you for your incredible services to us. I'm sure I'm speaking for many when I say that I am so grateful for you. Your job isn't an easy one and I can't even contemplate what it might be like spending Christmas without family.
Keeping people like this in our thoughts only puts things into perspective.

And remember, some people are so poor, they only have money...

Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Wishlist!

Every year my family always ask me and two younger sisters to write a Christmas list. It's something I hate to do and always procrastinate doing it until as late as possible. However this year, I thought I'd try and do one early and share it with you all. So here is my Christmas wish list!

5SOS Merch If you follow my social media then you will know that I absolutely adore an Australian band called 5SOS (5 seconds of summer). Another thing I love is band merch and 5SOS have recently brought some new t-shirts out on their website.

One Direction - Four I am sure that by now you have heard that One Direction have brought out a new album called 'Four' (because it's the fourth album) I've listened to the album on Spotify and it sounds amazing! I am so so so  proud of these five boys and what they have done. Getting the album for Christmas would be such a good thing, it would make me so happy. TRXYE jumper Troye Sivan is one of my favourite people (as well as Ashton Irw…

Blogmas Day 1: Stocking Stuffers!

Blogmas is something I have been waiting ALL YEAR for and I am so happy to announce that I am going to attempt to write every day up until Christmas. Not every post shall be purely about Christmas but they shall have the underlying tone of Christmas in most of them.

Christmas is nearly here (finally) so I'm very excited to see everyone rushing around to find those last minute stocking stuffers! If you need some ideas then keep on reading...

Lush Bath Bombs Bath bombs from Lush are always a good buy! Everyone loves their 'me' time and a lovely hot bath with some bubbles are a lovely smelling bath bomb can be a nice treat to which everyone deserves once in a while, right? The great thing about bath bombs also, is the fact that they are really affordable and can be a lovely way to show someone that you care.

Zoella Beauty In the recent months, Zoe Sugg has released her very own beauty products including make-up bags and fresh smelling fizz bars to add to that special 'me&…

October YouTuber Favourites!!

Throughout October I've been enjoying a lot of YouTube including people like Alfie Deyes' daily vlogs and Life of BriBry (and future wife, Candice). However, I'm just going to tell you about my three favourites! Zoe Sugg (Zoella) If you haven't heard of Zoe Sugg by now, then it's probably because you've been living under a rock for quite some time. But now that you're out from your rock, it's time to learn to learn about what you've been missing! Zoe is a beauty/fashion guru, who likes to post frequent hauls and the odd challenge video with her other YouTube friends. I've been watching Zoe for at least a year now and the first video I found of hers was the anxiety help video (you can find it here). After this I binge watched her videos and practically fell in love.  I feel like I've watched her grow from her little bedroom, to her flat in Brighton and now to her new house with her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes. This sounds ever so clichĂ© but she…

happy birthday Anna! outfit inspired by...

happy birthday Anna! outfit inspired by... by bee133 featuring a white blouse Edith A Miller white shirt

White blouse

Dr. Denim black jeans
$36 -

Oasis leather boots
$110 -

Express lace up boots

Susan Caplan Vintage gold jewelry
$150 -

Handmade jewelry

Pink lipstick
$6.37 -

It's been SO LONG since I've done an outfit inspired by! I decided that in honour of Anna Saccone Joly's birthday, I woulddo an outfit inspired by Anna!
Anna has been such an inspiration to me for many years. She is part of the reason as to why I kept blogging and why I keepblogging. 
She is such a beautiful lady who is exceptionallygood at writing and blogging. Fashion seemsto come to her naturally. 
Many would just call her style as 'mummy-like' but in my opinion, she rocks it and looks absolutely fabulous.
So happy birthday Anna, I hope it has been a good one! If you're reading this (I don't thi…

A/W Wishlist! 2014

Hello Everybody! I'm pretty sure the last time I uploaded something was around three weeks ago and, of course, I apologise for that. Over here in England, it's getting cold. Really cold. And although none of us really wanted to believe it but, winter is coming and it's time to put the extra layers on so that we don't all freeze to death. What better way, though,  to get in the mood for the upcoming frosty morning that creating autumn/winter wishlists! *Three cheers for woolly jumpers*

The likelihood of me buying this is next to nothing. Although it looks absolutely gorgeous, I already have and already wear too much dark grey and black. It's probably best that if I want to get of that habit, then I really shouldn't purchase this and go for something with a bit more colour. However, as I'm typing this, I can already see the different outfits I can wear this with while sighing dreamily.

This jumper is so simple and cute! I love jumpers like this because they …

September Favourites

We've reached October! Now the leaves will start to change colour and soon everyone will be on the hunt for a new winter coat. However, for now, I would like to share what I enjoyed throughout September.

Favourite YouTubers!

The first YouTuber on my list is Zoe Sugg. Throughout September she had been daily vlogging and showing her everyday life on camera. You can find the channel here (it shall open into a new window). I have been watching Zoe's videos for quite some time now but through September she seemed so happy and it was just so uplifting to see.

The second YouTuber who I'm enjoying to watch at the moment is Olivia Jade. She's new to You Tube and enjoys to post beauty and fashion videos. You can find her channel here. Go subscribe to her and send her some love!

Favourite Book? During September I had started to read Demi Lovato's 'staying strong 365 days a year'. I think this book is so important. It's a very uplifting and beautiful thing to read a …

Think Positive!

Since September has come about and everyone's gone back to school or college, the negativity surrounding social media has become endless. Here's a few tips on how you can stay positive even when you feel like you can't go on.
Tip #1  Stop saying "I can't," and start saying "I can." When you put your mind into doing something, such as your science homework or maybe that media essay, tell yourself that you can do it! Many studies have shown that thinking positively about hard tasks and homework is far more likely to get you better results than thinking negatively about something. 
Tip #2  Start surrounding yourself with positive minded people. Whether this be a few blogs on tumblr that post inspiring and uplifting posts or making a few new friends, it's important for your mental health to be surrounded by people who are able to motivate and inspire you in improving you school life. 
Tip #3 Setting realistic goals is key! Staying positive during stressfu…

Full House Part 4

Full House Part 4 by bee133 featuring a matte eye shadow MANGO chunky knit sweater
$57 -

Black velvet top
$37 -

Wet Seal pull on skirt

Floral pants

Vans canvas flat sneaker

Faith silver metallic shoes
$24 -

Wrap jewelry
$24 -

Urban Decay matte eye shadow

Clinique sheer makeup
$28 -

Styleicona app review!!!

If you are looking for a hot new app which offers fashion inspiration from other fashionistas then  look no further because Styleicona is here! Whether it be advice on what shoes to wear or fashion inspiration, the Styleicona app can help you.
Recently a great new app called 'Styleicona' has been launched and everyone is jumping on board to see what all the hype is all about. This new app allows you to post photos to your very own 'style book' and people shall discover and vote whether they love it or not. You get to share your profile with family and friends and generally have a good time!
My experience using the app! The Styleicona app is usually the kind of app that I avoid and after seeing the voting on peoples photos aspect, I wasn't feeling too optimistic about the whole thing. However after looking on twitter and reading such positive comments about the app, I decided to give it a try. Downloading the all has been one of the best things I've ever decided to do…

Outfit Review!! 5sos at the VMA's

After watching the VMA's, there were many people that caught my eye with their dazzling outfits and amazing hair! However just four boys were able to make me stare that little bit longer with the attire that they chose to wear. They go by name of 5 seconds of summer (or 5sos for short) and they are absolutely dashing! 
DISCLAIMER: None of the photos show in this post are mine. I found them all on tumblr and belong to their rightful owners. 

I think we'll start with this photo. As a whole it is pretty clear that they all belong with one another. If one wasn't their, it would feel rather awkward. I personally love that! 

Let's start with this cutie! His name is Calum Hood and as you can tell from the photo... He is fiiiiiiine! The most loveable thing about what he's wearing is that without the jacket it could be seen as a very casual and laid back outfit. Something you'd wear to go shopping. However, on e the jacket is on, it looks like a red carpet outfit! I've…